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Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid
Principal Hair Transplant Surgeon M.B.B.S. (K.E)
R.M.P., Member AIT (Singapore) Member ISHRS (USA),
Member ESHRS (France)

The founder of 1st chain of Hair Transplant clinics in Pakistan, after graduating from King Edward Medical College Lahore, devoted himself for the research and development of Hair Transplant Surgery. During his 15 years tenure of valuable experience, Dr. Nasir Rashid had the privilege of working with internationally renowned World’s top 10 hair transplant surgeons and had the unique opportunity to acquire the most advanced
expertise by utilizing the latest equipment and facilities in USA & Europe. This unique experience of working with World’s best Hair Transplant surgeons & being the 1st Pakistani member of American Intl. Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has given him unbeatable edge over his counterparts. He is the only Hair Transplant Surgeon in Pakistan who specializes in NO-TOUCH AUTO INJECT Hair Transplant Technology & also holds a patent for it. The amazing results of the expertise & experience of Dr. Nasir Rashid in this latest and most advanced technology can be very well seen in Nauman Ejaz & Babar Ali’s Hair Line Transplants.

An accomplished inventor and patent holder, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid stands as one of the few doctors in Asia who can claim exceptional expertise in the dynamic world of Hair Transplantation. An avid researcher and recognized innovator, Dr Muhammad Nasir Rashid has produced: new surgical instrumentation and hair transplant procedure protocols for the hair transplantation field - the cutting edge of hair transplantation today (multiple patent applications on new instrumentation developed by Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid already filed to date). Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid maintains a well stocked research and development laboratory on premesis, where he may be found working on ways to improve the field of Hair Transplantation as well as the lives and well being of his patients.

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid is Pakistan’s 1st Hair Transplant Surgeon to become Member of American Society of Hair Transplant Surgery (ISHRS), Board Eligible American Board Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS), a member of the exclusive International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), and an active member, and contributor to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since year 2000.

Emphasizing on the importance of hair transplant in a bald person’s life Dr. Mohammed Nasir says, “Hair makes a lot of difference in the life of a person. People suffering with baldness have a very important ingredient missing in their appearances yet they shy away from it and deny the hard reality that makes them even more uncomfortable with their appearances”.


At Hair Club, we take great pride in our commitment to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high quality manner. There is no doubt our services are a direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities, and experiences. Consequently, we strive to build client/consultant relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Establishing close relationships with our client is a key element to reaching total solutions. We cultivate each client relationship from the initial concept to completion, often maintaining this contact years after a project is finished.

We believe successful consulting is achieved through a balance of significant experience, a working knowledge of today’s best practices and access to cutting edge technology.

We offer expertise that goes beyond ‘state of the practice’ to include innovative solutions using techniques usually found in academic and research institutions. Accordingly, we take a proactive approach to staff recruitment and development, and maintain close ties to universities and national laboratories.

We are proud of the quality of services and our responsiveness to client schedules. These are the keystones to our business and long - lasting client relationship.


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