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About Us

Hair Club is an exclusive research project in the world of Hair Care & has been launched to rescue all those concerned with their image in today’s world, seeking a solution to their hair-loss problems. HCI is an organization having a free advisory centre that provids specialized advice to the public (free of cost) to deal with their Hair & Scalp problems.

Hair Club International - Head Offics Lahore, Pakistan

Our panel of consultants includes a Trichologist (Hair Specialist), a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, a Dermatologist & highly experienced Hair Cosmetologists. The whole team works in an integrated fashion for providing outstanding & the most satisfying solutions to our members to deal with their hair-loss problems. We offer free consultations latest scalp and hair growth stimulation and latest techniques for permanent hair restorations. From the simple esthetic quality of sheen, to the more complex question of hair-loss, Hair Club can provide you with the advice necessary to overcome these Hair related problems, and if necessary, with a permanent solution for rebuilding/restoring Hair on the thinning areas or bald spots.

The Second main objective of Hair Club is to launch research projects for developing new technology for permanent Hair Regeneration/Replacement. The club has started a specialized service for its members, which will involve inviting foreign consultants (Hair Specialists), from the leading Hair-Replacement & Scalp care organizations of the world, to Pakistan. This venture will provide all the latest Technology & facilities for scalp-care & Hair Replacements available worldwide to the people of Pakistan within their home country.

A large number of customers in Pakistan and around the globe are already being benefitting from the advice and patented procedures received at Hair Club. It is Hair Club’s unique combination of breakthrough technology and outstanding customer service that have enabled us to build Pakistan’s largest hair restorations practice with over 7 branches in Pakistan and around 500 affiliations our success is further highlighted through the diligence of many celebrities to endorse our programs, some of these personalities include BABAR ALI, FAISAL REHMAN, SHAKEEL, ABID ALI, ADNAN JILANI, SHUJAAT HASHMI, FAISAL QURESHI, HUMAYUN QURESHI, UMAR SHARIF and many other supporting personalities and celebrities.

Hair Club is Asia's number one in medical hair restoration, having performed more than 140,000 procedures on men and women from 60 different nations. Our Website is based on current scientific evidence and the vast clinical experience of our physicians. So come explore, and find valuable information here on the hair loss process and your newest treatment options. If you're concerned about your hair loss, and want to know what your options are you've come to the right place. Our goal is to make sure you are fully informed so that you make the best decision for you.




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