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Media & Press

The Brand .............. Expertise & Distinctions
Highly Diverse, Versatile And Thorough Professional,
Technical & Managerial Knowledge & Experience
Pakistan's 1st Hair Transplant Clinic

Region's most experienced Hair Transplant establishment.
Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid
Pakistan’s 1st Hair Transplant Surgeon
Pakistan's 1st Hair Transplant Surgeon    to become member of ISHRS (USA),    ASHRS & ESHRS (Paris).
Pakistan's 1st Hair Restoration Doctor    recognized as entrepreneur of the year    2004.
to establish Hair Transplant Clinic in the region.
doctor-Cum-Entrepreneur to develop a multi-clinic chain of Hair Restoration clinics.
to do the highest number of Hair Transplants Procedures in Asia.
to pioneer, innovate & develop many tools, technology & procedures of Hair Restoration that are now used worldwide.
in the whole world to invent, develop & market the concept of C.A.T technology (Combined Approach Transplant).
preference of all the spoiled & bad Hair Transplant cases for repair & correction.
to introduce No-Touch-Auto Inject Follicular Hair Transplant System in the Region.
First & Only:
most widely known brand in hair restoration industry in Asia.
clinic which gives complete range of Hair Restoration Services under one roof.
hair Restoration Clinic in Pakistan having 7 branches in the country & 500 affiliations worldwide.
clinic having biggest celebrity client base.
clinic having foreign qualified team.
clinic having a professional management team.
State of the Art
Unique & Contemporary Design Corporate Office
An Icon & a Landmark Building of Asia



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