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HCI Franchise Success Stories:
The Islamabad & Sialkot Franchises
It was for the 1st time in 1997-98 that a franchise for Islamabad was awarded to Mr. Faisal, a LSE ( Lahore school of Economics ) Graduate & a close associate of HCI President.

In 1998 Faisal opened his first Hair Club Franchise. Within short period of operations, Faisal's business with HCI has reached a turnover of Rs. 12 Million a year and is showing record annual growth. “Opening an HCI Franchise changed my life I am financially secure, increasing turnover annually & looking to the future with confidence” says Faisal. In 1999 Mr. Faisal opted for the Sialkot Franchise also which also turned out to be a huge success.
Company Owned & Operated Franchises
Seeing the success, profits & potential of Islamabad & Sialkot franchises, HCI decided to stop franchising & do the expansion itself to earn maximum profits. Since then, HCI has developed its own company owned network of franchises. It's now for the 2nd time that Hair Club franchise opportunity has been offered publicly.

In late 1990's Hair Club developed its regional network of 5 company owned outlets. These Franchise ventures turned out to be highly profitable, with an average outlet generating a net revenue ranging between Rs. 4 to 11 million per year.

Now due to ever increasing demand & exceptional growth in the industry, there is an urgent need to establish many more outlets in New & emerging territories. Even in some Major markets where there is already an existing HCI outlet multiple new outlets are needed to cater to the demands of the growing customer base which is difficult to handle by a single outlet there.
It Could Be You
The Islamabad & Sialkot franchises are is not unique in success. HCI has a plan to open several more franchises next year in both the regional & international markets. The HCI Group and its franchisees as a whole continue to grow and flourish.



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