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Hair Transplant Clinic

At the Hair Transplant Clinic, two options are available for restoration of a full-head of hair. First step is to evaluate the existing extent of hair-loss. You can book an on-line appointment with one of our Consultants and walk-in for a free evaluation and consulting. The following are the broad choices available for restoring your hair.

Surgical Hair Transplant

Non Surgical Hair Replacements


Hair Loss Management

There are many reasons for hair loss. From diet and stress to the more predominant genetic disorder, hair loss affects nearly 80 million people around the globe. Hair Club provides comprehensive consultation, you'll be able to see and understand what is causing hair loss.

Not only will you be offered clinically tested options that are proven to help with your hair loss, but you will also receive information on why hair loss occurs so you don't waste valuable time and money on treatments that don't work.

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