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Medical Hair Care Solutions
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Laser Hair Treatment

A dramatic new technology for the treatment of hair loss and diseases of the scalp.

Laser Light Hair Therapy is based on the established scientific principle that light, even ordinary light, had an effect on cell function. Scientists have been aware of this fact for a hundred years. We witness this during the summer months when we are exposed to longer days of natural sunlight. During this period our hair grows faster and often appears thicker. Light, or the lack thereof, influences our moods and light deprivation can trigger serious depression. According to the scriptures, the first words of creation were “Let There Be Light”. Light is powerful, it can destroy… and it can heal. Remove a plant from the sun’s rays and it withers and dies. Place an infant born premature with jaundice under a “blue light” and the symptoms disappear.

Laser Light Hair Therapy has been successfully tested and used in Europe, where some of the most important scientific and medical discoveries of this century have evolved. For six years it has been employed mostly in the field of dermatology to treat hair loss and diseases of the scalp. Clinical studies reveal that the use of “soft” laser light, delivered with the correct power and at the appropriate wave length, has the ability to stop the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients tested and to encourage regrowth in more than 57% of patients tested. The Laser Light Hair Therapy treatment program combines the latest technology in cosmetic lasers with a holistic program of all natural, chemical free hair care products, chlorine free water, and a laser light sensitive nutritional supplement.

The laser device itself, Harmonic Laser 3000 is the most powerful cosmetic laser. It is configured very much like a state-of-the-art, space age hair dryer under which the client or patient sits for periods of up to 30 minutes. Fifteen diode Lasers mounted in half sphere rotate around the head delivering laser energy to the tissues of the scalp. Non-surgical, “soft” laser light with no thermal component stimulates the tissues of the scalp, significantly increasing the number of red corpuscles that deliver life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb. Low-level laser energy sets into motion a chain reaction of cellular events, increasing protein synthesis, cell division, tissue regeneration and microcirculation of blood supplies. This will sweep debris from the hair shaft, swell the cortex and close the cuticle. Established hair density is increased by 25%.

The Laser Light Hair Therapy treatment program begins with an aggressive 5-week regimen during which the client/patient has two 30-minute treatments per week, followed by one treatment per week for three weeks. The next phase of the treatment program requires one visit per month for the remaining four months of the six-month therapy. During this period, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is used to analyze the patient’s hair and scalp and clinically monitor their progress.

This is not hocus-pocus; this is science. Laser Light Hair Therapy is a holistic, scientific approach to hair loss which uses focused light energy to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Laser Light Hair Therapy is safe and effective for both men and women. Unlike the new drug propecia, which promises to grow hair but negates the reason men want hair in the first place, Laser Light Hair Therapy has no side effects.

It is a fact that more Americans are turning to alternative, homeopathic and holistic treatment methods than are turning to conventional medicine. Why? Because they are proven to work. In a year when the American Medical Association as endorsed the use of Magnet Therapy and Acupuncture as viable therapies for the treatment for pain and chronic disease, we should embrace Laser Light Hair Therapy for the treatment of hair loss and diseases of the scalp. Why?………..Because it works.




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