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FUE Follicular Unit Extraction
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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant Pakistan - Hair Club

FUE hair transplant in Islamabad Pakistan, Hair Club is Pakistanís Best (FUE)Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant clinic and offers less minimum invasive surgery process. Highly qualified FUE hair transplant surgeons under the supervision of Dr.Nasir Rashid have performed award winning surgeries of celebrities, local patients and international patients. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of obtaining donor hair for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), where individual follicular units are harvested directly from the donor area, without the need for a linear incision. In this hair restoration procedure, a 1-mm punch is used to make a small circular incision in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit, which is then extracted directly from the scalp.

Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are sometimes viewed as being two totally different procedures. FUE, in fact, is a type FUT where the follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp, rather than being microscopically dissected from a strip that has already been removed. To say it another way, in Follicular Unit Transplantation, individual follicular units can be obtained in one of two ways; either through single strip harvesting and stereomicroscopic dissection, or through FUE.

Hair Club is the pioneer to introduce FUE hair transplant technology in Pakistan. Highly foreign qualified FUE trained doctors, best surgical facility and trained staff is ready for your hair transplant in Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi) clinics under the supervision & consultation of Dr. Nasir Rashid.
Hair Club is continuously monitoring the quality assurance process throughout the lifecycle of FUE hair transplant surgery. If you are victim of hair loss then plan your free consultation at Hair Club. Our FUE surgeons will guide you the complete process of hair transplant, before & after photos of FUE hair transplant patients, videos of successful FUE hair transplant Patients and benefits why choose Hair Club for FUE transplant. Cost & Price of FUE hair transplant depends on your surgical session; normally hair transplant clinics fix the price with patient per follicular hair. Price of per follicular hair depends on patient condition and complexity of surgery in Pakistan.

Therefore, when comparisons are made between FUT and FUE, what is really being compared is the way the follicular grafts are obtained (i.e. strip harvesting and dissection vs. direct extraction). The harvesting method does have other implications for the procedure such as the transection (damage) rate, distribution of follicular units, number of grafts per session, post-op care and the total yield.

Choose Hair Club for best FUE Hair Transplant surgery and discuss the FUE cost & Price during your consultation. You can also discuss and know about Laser FUE hair Transplant techniques, watch videos of FUE hair transplant patients, Top FUE surgeries and FUE eyebrow hair transplant.




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