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Hair Transplant for Women
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Hair Transplant for Women

Most of us spend a fair amount of time in front of the mirror fussing over our hair, and a fair amount of money on hair care products and services. Hair gets a lot of attention, so when a woman notices her hair is thinning, it is often a devastating discovery.

The causes for hair loss in a woman are varied. But often the blame can be placed on genetics. Some women carry the gene for hair loss just like their male relatives. And while some carry the gene and never lose hair, others lose it in the same pattern as male pattern baldness.

"These women may be protected by estrogen, but at the onset of menopause, with decreasing levels of estrogen, the hair loss often begins," explains  surgeon Dr Nasir, M.D. "Sometimes even women in their 20s or 30s can experience significant hair loss in the male pattern - the top or back."

Women with male pattern baldness, just like their male counterparts, are often eligible for hair transplantation or grafting procedures, and get great results. "We have very happy female patients who have undergone these procedures," Dr.Nasir states, recalling one woman in her 60s who had balding issues most of her life. "She was able to get rid of her wig and was absolutely ecstatic."

Patients who may have a medical reason for hair loss are referred to hair transplant surgeon and hair expert Dr Muhammad Nasir Rashid, for evaluation. Hair transplant procedures are safe and effective, requiring only local anesthesia with sedation. Hair in the back and sides of the head are more resistant to the hormones that cause hair on the top of the head to fall out.

When transplanted to the top, hairs from the side continue to be unaffected by hormones and grow in their new location. "We basically redistribute the hair destined to live a long time to the areas where it is needed," Dr.Nasir explains.

The Hair Club' s Hair Transplant Clinic is one of only a handful of centers in the country to use a new grafting technology called NO TOUCH SURGERY. Usually 2-3 sessions are needed to achieve the desired results. With six to 10 weeks of healing between sessions, the transplantation results can take up to 6 months to 11 months  for full results to show.




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