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Slit Grafting
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Slit Grafting

Conventional Technology
Manual conventional technique presently used by majority of clinics worldwide.

Less Detectable
Better than slit or punch grafting, still minor risk of detect ability.

Painful Anesthesia
Local anesthesia is painful as it is also applied with conventional syringes.

Low Quality Grafts
Dissection is done under 3-4 x loops or optivisors witch may cause damage to the grafts.

Higher Surgical Trauma
Site wounds are made with SP90 & SP91 mini blades causing less injury or trauma to the scalp.

Manual Placement
Grafts are placed, manually, with conventional forceps, risking them of being damaged

Uncontrolled Hair Direction
Direction of transplanted hair cannot be, precisely' controlled

Conventional Bleeding Control
Bleeding is controlled using same conventional electro-cautery.

Medium Density
Comparatively, larger no. of grafts can be transplanted in one session

Less Sessions Required
4-6 sessions are required to obtain the optimum density.

Higher Hair Survival Rate
A chance for survival of transplanted hair is between 70-80%.

Longer Procedure Time
Procedure time is higher than “Slit/punch Grafting”.

Medium Cost Procedure
Cost per session of procedure is more than “Slit/punch Grafting”.

Long Healing Time
Less healing time is required as compared to “Slit Grafting”.

Late Hair Growth
Re-growth of transplanted hair is quicker than “Slit Graft” transplantation.




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