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Things to AVOID

Solution Top 10 Things To Avoid

Hair Club's President & Pakistan's 1st Hair Transplant Surgeon to become member of American Society Of Hair Transplant Surgeons (U.S.A)has complied a list of 10 things that all hair transplant patients should avoid.

1.Scalp reductions and flaps. Avoid these or be prepared to style your hair in unusual ways to hide the inevitable scarring and unnatural hair direction.

2.Any graft other than follicular units. Example: Punch grafts, minigrafts, square grafts, linear grafts, slot grafts etc. These methods can never appear completely natural.

3.Clinics that tell you their grafts contain more hairs in them and therefore produce a better result or yield a better investment.

4.Any physician that is willing to transplant hair in areas where existing hair follicles are too close together. They would literally have to damage your existing hair while making incisions in order to insert newly implanted hairs.

5.Inadequately trained physicians. Many physicians who enter this field are "burned out" and feel this may be an "easy job". Be sure they have obtained adequate knowledge into the science of hair growth.

6.Clinics who are not up front about their prices.

7.Clinics that do not have an adequate number of patients to maintain skills.

8.Clinics that are more concerned about how you will look in one year than in twenty or thirty years. Remember you must have a transplant that will look natural as you age.

9.Clinics that mislead you into thinking that they offer hair transplantation when they don't.

10.Clinics that place more emphasis on their marketing than on the experience and credentials of the physician that would be performing the procedures.

A brief description alongwith pictures of few of the common problems that can occur with such inexperienced clinics doing old manual minigrafting and slit method (due to compression of grafts) but there is absolutely no risk of these with NO TOUCH giving you maximum value for a little extra investment.
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